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Logo for RPM Innovations, Inc. based in Rapid City, SD.
... is a high-tech engineering and manufacturing firm located in Rapid City, South Dakota. Our unique Laser Deposition Technology builds freeform parts directly from CAD data and repairs parts previously considered non-repairable.

We specialize in...

  • Laser Deposition Technology (LDT)
    • Laser Cladding (LCT)
    • Laser Repair (LRT)
    • Laser Freeform Manufacturing (LFMT)
  • Application Development
  • Engineering Designs
  • Manufacturing and Repair Solutions
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Laser Deposition Technology (LDT)

Laser Deposition Technology, or LDT, is an additive process that is used to build freeform fabrications, repair metal components typically considered non-repairable by conventional techniques, or strategically add features to forgings or castings. All of these capabilities come directly from CAD data. No hard tooling changes are required.

LDT deposits exhibit excellent material properties. These material properties, combined with the flexibility of the process, significantly lower overall production costs. When used for manufacturing and the production of prototypes, the LDT process greatly reduces product development time. (more ...)

About RPM Innovations, Inc.

RPM Innovations, Inc. spun off from its parent company, RPM & Associates, Inc., in January, 2013. RPM & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Rob Mudge, Deb Mudge and Rob's parents, Jim and Phyllis Mudge. RPM Innovations, Inc. is a manufacturing firm located in Rapid City and is a South Dakota corporation.

RPM Innovations, Inc. specializes in manufacturing and repair techniques using Laser Desposition Technology. RPM Innovations' customers include Department of Defense, Aerospace Industry, Oil and Gas, and Power and Mining Industry clients. (more ...)